Friday, July 17, 2009

The Number 55 and Dimes

Now we're finding dimes! Dozens of dimes in unexpected places. ...Just asking to be picked up.

Beside our chair at the restaurant...(twice at least)

On the ground next to the car...(several times)

Laying in plain sight on the table when it wasn't there last time we noticed...

On the carpet under the coffee table...

On the floor next to the chair at the ATT store..

On the sidewalk leading to our house...

In car under our feet, in the back seat (where no one was sitting), and between the seats - right in the middle!

There are really too many places to recall, but it's getting our attention.

Now it has become TWO dimes in unusual places!

My husband is putting the dimes he finds 'just lying there' in a special change purse in his briefcase. That change-purse is getting pretty heavy!

We don't know what it means, but we know that the number 55 had special meaning before the meaning was ever in place. So, we're just making a note of it and like the number 55...We don't know what it means, but we believe it has meaning.



Lance said...

1) 55 is the mystic number of the Pythagorean tetractys, gotten from successive enumeration from the number One. Thus 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10= 55. The tetractys represents the emerging of the All from the One, and the number 55 represents the completion of this process with the creation of the material universe
2) In Greek numerology, ̕εν, the Greek word for the number 1 = 55 (epsilon =5, nu=50, thus 5+50=55). So once again we get the idea that “the One is the All”
3) The ratio of the capstone to the body of the Great Pyramid is 1:55. Thus the Pyramid is a physical representation of the tetractys
4) The Coptic term for the capstone of the Pyramid is Κλπε, which numerologically equals 55
5) “55” can be read as “5” twice, which gets us to 10, the sphere of Malkuth. It can also be read as 52, 25, which is the number of magical squares the Fylfot Cross is made from. The Fylfot Cross itself represents the swirling of the universe around One central point.
6) The sequence of the first five triangular numbers generates 55 (3+6+10+15+21), and the sequence of the first five squares generates 55 (1+4+9+16+25). For Plato, the universe is generated out of a triangle and a square. For he constructs three figures out of equilateral triangles—pyramid, octahedron, and icosahedrons—which are figures respectively of fire, air and water—and the cube, the figure of the earth, out of squares. (Timaeus 53c-56c)
7) 5 is the symbol of Man as Microcosm (the five points representing the 5 extensions of the Vitruvian man). 5 coupled with 5 would be the idea that “every man and woman is a star,” the coupling of male and female to generate the perfect unity or completion.

Linda Meikle said...

Thank-you, Lance. I've passed this on to my husband who will find this extremely interesting.

emr150 said...

I was amazed to find this site. I have been followed for years by the number 55. In documents, games,vin numbers, etc. It has gotten so common that my family and friends notice it happened sometimes before I catch it. Also you July 17 post date is my daughters birthday. Is this all coincidence? who knows but it is very interesting. Thanks, Mike