Monday, August 16, 2010

Denver Adds More 55's

When we decided to move from Columbus, OH to Denver, CO in early 2010, we had many questions and often talked long into the night mulling the pros and cons! Foremost, was the fact that we actually loved our Ohio apartment home at the edge of a little forest where the ducks came for food several times a day, and the deer forged on our storebought corn every evening.

But, we were also ready for a change! I had recently gotten my RN, and hubby was laid off from his state job. I was looking for a new job, and he was collecting unemployment, so it didn't matter where we lived. The world was ours for the taking.

A former instructor at my college of nursing, urged me to apply for a RN position at a new Psych unit that she was helping to set up in Denver.

So, I did!

The doors were open a crack, and I made a trip out there to peek in.

I didn't get that job because the unit didn't fill up fast enough to hire new nurses, it did start us on a journey that found us a nice apartment north of Denver - and opportunities for jobs and adventure we never thought possible.

At first, I wondered why I didn't "see" any 55's in our address. Not even in the last four numbers that one doesn't always see. But, suddenly as I entered our building number 9 (of about 35 apartments), there is was. ~ 2455 ~

All the other apartment buildings have different last four numbers!

There are many other 55's we have discovered. I will take time to sit down and make a list that I will add to this posting a little later.

This is just a start...

Take Care on the Journey,